Dave Merrick, a Painter of Life.

The artwork you'll see here represents only a smattering of the total repertoire of creation that Mr. Merrick has done for people, organizations and various projects all over the world.

While here, you have the opportunity of purchasing a personally signed print. Prints may be instantly ordered, safely, using your credit/debit card or PayPal account.


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At this site, you may even elect to begin a relationship with the artist in planning your own commissioned, one-of-a-kind painting or drawing. Many families and businesses have applied Mr. Merrick's talents in preserving the perfect likenesses of loved ones and leaders, in all sorts of settings. A Merrick portrait provides a family's home with a lasting, loving heirloom .... A business' foyer is perfectly graced by its founder's or leadership's painted presence. Private commissions may be initiated by calling or e-mailing Mr. Merrick at his Colorado studio, using the contact information given on our homepage.

In any event, you are invited to view Mr. Merrick's handiwork. And, your subsequent comments or questions are always most welcomed!